Bank of Entitlement VIRTUAL Credit Card


The Bank of Entitlement credit card is a must have for the entitled. Approval is guaranteed. All you have to do is make a successful purchase and provide the customization information and we’ll do the rest. Before you know it, you’ll be an official cardholder!


Order your VIRTUAL Bank of Entitlement credit card here!

Approval is GUARANTEED!  All you need to do is make a successful purchase!

The card displays a unique 16 digit account number. This number can be entered from the LOGIN screen to look up account account details.  This number is generated by the system to ensure it does not match a real credit major credit card number.

Next is the “Entitled Since” date. This date can be customized to a month and year of your choice. For example, if the cardmember has been entitled since birth, you could request their month and year of birth, like 09/91 for example. If not specified, we’ll just use the current month and year that the card is generated a the “Entitled Since” date.

The name of the cardmember will be provided by you when placing your order.  The card can fit the same name length a standard credit card.  If you prefer to use a company name, nickname, or other creative replacement for the actual name, you can submit the request with your order.

The Bank of Entitlement virtual card will be sent to the email address you specify. (A BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) will be sent to you as well. This means the recipient will not see your email address just in case you want the gift to be anonymous, but you will also know when it has been delivered. It is ready to use wherever the Bank of Entitlement symbol is displayed.

Spoiler alert: The card isn’t accepted anywhere, even at the Bank of Entitlement, but even the entitled will probably understand that.

We don’t skimp on entitlement! We proudly display the card to this beautiful enclosure designed with entitlement in mind, just like when you receive any other credit or debit card in the mail, but the virtual version includes this as well!


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IMPORTANT: The recipient will be given the option to purchase a physical card. If you know they will want a physical card, purchase that product HERE instead. 



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