We’re not necessarily standing on the street corner with our hats held out hoping you’ll throw a few coins our way, but in our sense of everlasting entitlement, and YOUR entitlement to spend your money your way, we opened up this donation portal to allow you to give us money for absolutely nothing in return aside from a THANK YOU!

What will we do with the money you donate?

Well, we won’t just pocket it, actually. We’ll invest it into advertising to help spread the word about entitlement and the bank that makes dreams come true!

How can I help if I don’t want to donate money?

Just share our site with everyone you can! Sharing our site brings more attention to it and with that, more entitled people get what’s due to them! Do your part!

So seriously, I can donate if I want to?

Oh, yes, for sure, 100% absolutely! We’re not turning down donations!

And I can write this off on my taxes, right?

Um, no. We are not a 501(c)3. We’re a for-profit company, so no, sorry, no tax write off here. And seriously, we don’t recommend exercising a sense of entitlement by trying that one.

How do I donate?

Share the Entitlement!