Why Do We Exist?

Because You're Entitled EntitledEntitled

Bank of Entitlement only exists to serve the entitled! Without you, we're nothing!

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Bank of Entitlement Customers are Entitled to...

Free Oil Changes for Life

As long as you are an active Bank of Entitlement customer, you'll enjoy free oil changes for life on all your fully electric vehicles. Just present your card and you'll get 100% off!

Get Out of Jail Free

Our customers are THE most entitled. Simply present your card to the arresting officer and as long as their department is one of our participating agencies, you're out of jail! NO bail!

Your Opinion

You are always entitled to your opinion as a Bank of Entitlement customer, but remember with power comes great responsibility, so to use this benefit, you have to accept that others are entitled to their opinions too, even if you don't agree!

Make a Fool of Yourself

Perhaps the favorite benefit our customers love is the entitlement to make a fool out of one's self. So go ahead, Karen and Kevin it up! Just present your card and unleash. Dare anyone to take away your entitlement? We think not!

Live With Your Parents Forever

It's a special entitlement reserved for our best customers, which is all of them, but simply present your Bank of Entitlement card to a participating parent or guardian and they absolutely cannot make you move out.

Do Whatever You Want

When you're a Bank of Entitlement customer, it's truly a free for all. Do what you want, when you want, and how you want. Valid at any participating business, government agency, or anywhere else the Bank of Entitlement logo is displayed indicating card acceptance.