Mr. Josh Johnson
CEO of Bank of Entitlement

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Josh Johnson, widely recognized as Hot Josh due to his rugged good looks, (which he is entitled to have), has traveled a life journey that has been nothing short of intriguing. Born in 1995, he hails from a background that initially instilled in him a profound sense of entitlement during his childhood. Raised in an environment where privilege was the norm, Josh experienced the world through a unique lens, one that fueled his ambition in unforeseen ways.

As he progressed through his educational journey, Josh’s keen intellect and passion for finance became evident. He pursued a stellar academic career, graduating with honors from a prestigious university with a degree in Finance and Economics. His educational background laid the foundation for his future endeavors and the eventual establishment of the Bank of Entitlement.

Despite his early years of entitlement, Josh underwent a transformative period of self-discovery. Realizing that his entitled mindset was hindering personal growth, he decided to channel his experiences into a venture that reflected both irony and ambition. In a bold move, Josh founded the Bank of Entitlement, a financial institution that catered to those who shared a similar mindset.

The Bank of Entitlement quickly gained attention for its unique approach to banking. Hot Josh, as he came to be known, became a symbol of paradoxical success. While his childhood entitlement might have seemed like a hindrance, Josh turned it into a driving force for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Under Hot Josh’s leadership, the Bank of Entitlement thrived, catering to a clientele that appreciated the audacious concept behind the institution. Despite the initial skepticism surrounding the bank’s philosophy, it became a symbol of success, attracting a diverse clientele who resonated with the irony of banking on entitlement.

Josh Johnson’s journey from a privileged childhood to the helm of the Bank of Entitlement is a testament to the unpredictable nature of personal growth and ambition. His story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected paths can lead to innovation and success.

Naturally, Josh is not only the CEO of Bank of Entitlement, but he’s also its first customer carrying all of the products the bank offers!

In case you haven’t realized it, Josh Johnson isn’t a real person. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are many people named Josh Johnson. One of them is NOT the CEO of Bank of Entitlement. In fact, the person pictured… we don’t know who he is. His name very well could be Josh Johnson. He’s what’s known as a face that can be used without any consequence, or what you might know as a royalty-free image often used in advertising and such. There is not actually a CEO of Bank of Entitlement. It is owned by Diversified Global LLC, a company formed in 2021 whose parent company, Diversified Company, founded in 2007 is the Management Company for. Bank of Entitlement isn’t a real bank, obviously. Thank you for understanding the humor behind the entire Bank of Entitlement brand.

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